Soul Healing

What is Soul Healing?

I have worked on this method that involves listening to our own body, all the answers we need are inside us. We just have to learn how to get in touch with our inner self. If we erase our traumas from our bodies step by step, we will function better and at the same time we will learn to understand what life is all about, we get a new perspective in life.
Soul Healing will help us find our way “home”. We will open up to our soul and our divine self and at the same time we will find a greater understanding about others and our own problems.
The goal is to understand that we are all one with God, we are all the same energy, we are all equal living beings.
The persons that we dislike most, that we cannot accept or forgive, are the persons we learn most from.
There are no limitations in our lives.
When we realize that, we are already on our way to understanding.

When we dare to look at our lives in detail, our former lives, future lives, and the promises we have given. that is when we start becoming whole persons.

The most important discovery is that all these events are within the same space of time.That is “just now”, and it will free us from all our old promises, that we have ever given. If we do nothing about them, they will stay as burdens and eternal memories throughout all our lives.

So free your thoughts and your creativity.
Let your life run in new circles, so that you will get a wider perspective.
If you dare – You win.

What is disease? Something that is uncomfortable, something that we are not happy with. There are no diseases, everything inside us are feelings. All our diseases are our unsolved feelings, that will clog the fantastic system of our body.
Our human body is influenced on so many levels, not just this life here and now but also our former lives.
You can imagine how we all started as new souls, when God made the “Big Bang”, and we were “separated” from God. We were sent out into the universe to experience ourselves. It became an incarnation into many lives. We came to earth to experience something special, something we have chosen to live through in this life. When we “fail” we will collect negative experiences. These experiences will influence us just now, but it will also influence us in the next life.
When the burden of traumas gets too big, we will get ill. Every pain, every disease will tell its own story. We can choose to read it as an existing adventure book and the best of all is that we don’t have to carry the burden for eternity. We are a piece of God, we are God, we can make Magic in our lives.
Piece by piece we can remove what is unnessesary.
It is a challenge.