Prananadi healing

Prananadi is an ancient Tibetan healing technique, that has been practiced by lamas (monks) in  Tibetan monasteries. The lamas have kept the method secret until our times. A few decades ago the lamas finally gave their permission for the technique to be introduced into the Western world. Since then, it has spread to several countries – mainly in Europe – and in 2015 Prananadi Master Tibor Gyula Ujlaky started teaching the method in Finland.
Healing means that the energies of the person are being restructured on all levels, so that inner harmony arises, and the person who gets healed feels the changes in the quality of life. He/she becomes healthier and happier.
A Prananadi basic healing cleanses the physical body from toxins, but it also opens the path to a new consciousness. The physical and the mental cannot be separated from each other.
Chronic diseases need healing at a higher level. Traumas, both physical, mental and emotional, block the energies in the body, and the healing depends on the client ́s condition and receptivity. The client also needs to be prepared to change his /her lifestyle.
We also refer to our personal karmic burden, what we have already achieved and what we must work on.
The word “karma” is Sanscrit. It ́s a central concept in eastern philosophy. Karma means the law of cause and effect. It ́s the result of our actions, thoughts and words, and of how well we fulfill our duties. The  final goal is to reach enlightenment.

Prananadi reincarnation

When using the Prananadi reincarnation technique, the therapist leads the client into a state of deep relaxation, a natural meditative state, where the client can get in touch with traumatic events in previous lives, or in the current life.

You loosen the tensions that are causing the mental or emotional problems, conflicts and physical diseases. It is not hypnosis, but a meditative state, where the client is conscious of everything that happens and is being said, which means that his/her own will is respected.
The technique is safe. If the client is not ready to dissolve a trauma completely during a session, it will be dissolved to the extent the client is comfortable with, and he/she can return to it later in a second session, and dissolve the rest for good.
We heal our health and the quality of our lives by releasing the causes of our problems.

Distance healing

The same rules that apply for contact healing apply for distant healing. We make the contact, and ask for help and guidance.
The duration of the healing is shorter when working at a distance.
We ask the client to send a photograph of him-/herself.