Inez Nilla Bassi

Classic massage was my stepping stone into the world of treatment. By the year 1995 I graduated as a masseur from the Arla institute in Helsinki and went on to a whole new world of alternative studies, starting with Frantsilas fyto therapy courses to all kinds of other alternative courses. There was flower extract, aromatherapy and reflexology.

Then there was different kinds of healing methods, starting with Pranic-healing, a course in Bioenergy, another in Cranio-Sacral method. Reiki and finally Esoteric healing.

During my healing sessions I work a lot with Karmatic patterns, that usually form geometric figures, it is inside these figures that the person we know in this life exists. The thought of letting old energies go and be able to let them free. The thought of letting someone free is to forgive them. When you have forgiven someone completely there is only love and understanding left.

After studying homeopathy for two and half years, I did not receive any diplomas but it gave me a deeper insight to what the human being really is. A small homeopathic pill can change energies, thought patterns and illnesses. Homeopathy was not my thing but an understanding I got was that everything can be altered. Healing became my way of curing but the knowledge I had received from homeopathy is still there.
My biggest insight into the process was that everything is energy all around us and inside us.

The human mind can be destructive or creative. When energy flows freely we are happy and cheerful, but when we are blocked by negative feelings we feel down and depressed.

We live in an exiting time where things change fast and sometimes you get the feeling that you have a hard time keeping up.